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You didn't credit anyone

You are supposed to credit the artists when you use their music. I've never been a fan of these so called "teasers" or "trailers" because they're pointless. They don't make anyone excited about an upcoming flash and the upcoming flash is going to be watched regardless.

So close

It's on a loop. I love the animation style, but it should have been longer and had more stuff in it. It was nice though.

cyan01 responds:

not enough time and resources


This is spam. And I'm starting to think the uppers are in on this and it's how it's passed all the time.


I love the animation on the old lady. It was funny too. Not hilarious, but it was good. I liked it.

You changed this

My last review of this got deleted because you changed the video. It was a video of you banging toys together, which isn't flash, then you changed it to Jack Skelington just standing there moving his arms. It's no better.

I don't know how to rate this

Half of the submission is spam(2 out of 4), the Kinda Plugged one wasn't bad but the sound quality wasn't great and sounded like someone did the voice from a broken cell phone, but the Wade part of Wade and Kitty made me laugh a little.

It's hard to grade this fairly, but most of it is awful.

Beyond the senselessness

There was clearly a great deal of knowledge about goldfish here and how they have bad short term memory. The fact the goldfish had a cigarette in its mouth was kind of funny. Could have been shorter though because it kind of dragged into the mud. Great animation though.

You clearly have talent

But your not using it. You're a decent animator but not showing any real effort in your flashes. You have potential so maximize it.

Beautiful does this no justice

This was one of the greatest flashes I have ever seen. this was amazing. I love this.


The animation was great, transition was smooth, and the video was worth the watch. Instead of being filled with the normal toilet humor seen on Newgrounds, this was filled with a refreshing intelligent style of humor. Though it wasn't the funniest, if you keep making videos like this one I will be a fan.

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