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This was full of plot holes and spelling errors.

Hedgehogs and echidnas are two entirely different species.

This is proof

That not all stick animations have to be garbage. Good job. It was well animated and funny.

DrpOpZ responds:

This is one of the best compliments i could have recieved. Sincere thanks :)

Best first ever

I may be being a bit prejudice towards this, but every flash I've seen that's someone's first is usually a generic stick figure fighting piece of garbage. My expectations are always low on first time flashes. For a first this is great.

That screen is too small

Plus, you're not the only person to post a stick figure fight. These always get blammed, and for good reason. They aren't good.

Ichimaruu responds:

Well that's a matter of opinion to be frank with you, I personally love stick-figure fights and have been a big fan since Xiao Xiao. I know I'm not one of the big-shots like Tentionmaru or Nhazul, but I can tell you there is skill to this art, whether you like it or not.


The first one was funny and the way Mario's clothes came off like that actually caught me by surprise. It was all downhill from there. Also, I don't know if you realize this but on the "scene selection" it only goes to scene 3.

marksmithwas12 responds:

oh no! what's wrong after that scene? did you see the original first?

I think I'm going to die

Not being able to figure out how that made me laugh. It wasn't hilarious, or long, but it was worth a chuckle to say the least.

Nice, short, and sweet

It only had one really funny line, and it could have done better without the cheesy Sonic Racers music and pointless Shadow appearance at the end.

Otherwise, I rather enjoyed it.

Novally responds:

oh sorry XD I was going by the comic idea. The characters have their own little personalities in the comic. Well thanks for the advice,

I disagree

With the message, but it was slightly funny and I did like the animation and background.

Dream suquences

They're usually a killer. I guess I seen the point in this one. Creepy music, dark setting, great animation all made for a killer movie.

I knew

From the beginning this would be good. My expectations were in the right place.

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