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Not funny

But I did rate it fairly high because I thought the sequencing was fantastic and was beautifully animated.

blkducky responds:

Haha. _I_ didn't even find it funny. ^_^

Not bad

It was worth a couple laughs, but you should have put him on a stage instead of having a white background. It would have been easier on the eyes.

CarrotCakeStudios responds:

I did think about using a background, however I felt it would ruin the emptyness. To combat it looking like I wasn't bothered I added a gradient and a grainy filter to the movie - it seems I failed on that front!

Thanks for the review!

Delete this movie

Start this over. I'm not being mean, this has serious potential. Take it back, add more too it, and try to add cut scenes of poetry or something. Seriously, this has the potential of being one of the most beautiful things uploaded to Newgrounds ever.

Too much swearing

I'm not going to be Mr Good Morals here, it's not that, but you used excessive swearing as a means for laughs. It just seemed like lazy writing to me. It was pretty funny until the end when Satan got confused about the math and started cussing up a storm. Like I said, this isn't because I find swearing offensive, but because it's not very creative.

Would have been better without the ending credits

It was ok though, nothing too spectacular.

Not complaining

The blood looked a little cheesey and the you zoomed too far into the sprites making them look too blocky at times, otherwise decent. It's no where near as bad as a lot of the other reviews make it.

It was an eh kinda movie..

It was ok, but the audiooin some of the voice work sounded a little craspy, and, some of the jokes were too corny, from ttoo many people(In my opinion, it would be much better to just use the main character as the dorky one, Red as the sarcastic one, and chancellor as a wise but also wise cracking at time kind of character, but that's just my opinion). The animation had it's own unique flavor to it, even though it wasn't great, it was still different, and was good.

akoRn responds:

Ty for ur opinion. Im just tryin to put in a humour that is suitable for all ages, instead of humour that juz cursing ppl. :]

One problem....

No sound. It kinda killed the flash. Fix that and you have it. Great animation though.

You must have been bored..

But it was pretty cool. Could have been longer, and the end was worth a chuckle of course.


I can't believe it! A [kk] flash I actualy liked! It didn't really make me think, but it was politicly true. A beutiful art and poetry mixed. You guys do have some real talent after all!

DepressedKitten responds:

wow... nice. thanks

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