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Didn't have the greatest animation, but didn't need it. Delivered a few good laughs.

Tell Pixar to shove it up their asses.

I absolutely don't find anything funny about rape. It turned me off of this flash completely.

Being less blunt about things like rape may help in the future. Otherwise it takes away all value from this flash.

Horsenwelles responds:

oh no rape jokes so bad especially when its concerning fictional video game characters in an entirely unrealistic way. i'm so bad 0/1,000,000 =(

I agree with Mario in everything he said.

I didn't find it very funny or think it was well animated. Great art, though. That gives it a big jump. A few more frames per second and this would have been amazing and mindblowing.

CatFat responds:

yeah the general style of gamegrumps animations is more storyboard'esque, so thats what i was going for with this, hence the "choppy" animation :P

Is that preacher Mitt Romney?

Iznvm responds:

Yeh.. I kinda used Mitt as a reference

2 problems in every one of your animations:

1) It's the same joke every time, usually involving something being inserted into another character anally.

2) It's on a loop.

In the most respectful way I can say it you need to break out of your mold and develop your sense of humor and add a play button. I don't mean any disrespect by any of this and I hope you take my criticism constructively.

FunkMation responds:

will do, thanks

Good, but falls into the same trap a lot of stop motion animation falls into: It's choppy and the camera has clearly been moved on various shots. First time, though? Great attempt.

While I'm turned off by the loop this was well done. A lot of effort went into these 5 seconds, and it shows. The table breaks, the glass breaks, and the clay figure has a realistic death. Nice from an artistic standpoint, but would have been nicer if you stuck with the project and made it longer.

thecalum666 responds:

It was for a competition so I had to limit it to 5 seconds

Reminds me of Ren and Stimpy's animation. Must have been an inspiration on your work.. Not bad, though. Like you said, short. A good chuckle, not a real sidesplitter, though.

Speedo responds:

Sure was, exaggerated faces, sharp, aggressive movements, the whole shabang, even the soundtrack lol

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