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My only complaint is I think this would have been better in black and white with red being the only visible color. I'm sure some people will disagree, but it's only a minor thing.

Frankly, you did a great job here. The animation was smooth, and the intentionally grainy effect makes it better visually.

Can't say too much good about it, but only because there isn't much there. Understandably it's only a test, but I also know people upload test animations simply to receive feedback.

There was no sound, I have no idea what language that was, and the quality was too low res. That just makes giving honest feedback a bit tough. It was hard to make out the actual images.

mukl5 responds:

i will upload higher resolution later.
the text on board are in Indonesian language.. means "don't urinate in this place except a dog"
thanks for your comment

It was pretty neat. I loved that this all turned out to be the lobster monster's nightmare, too. I thought that was a nice twist. (sorry for the spoilers, folks)

Pretty good animation, and it worked pretty well for what you were going for.

Not terrible animation, but there's no sound. Judging by the content, I don't think this was an accident.

Putting some kind of background noise would have helped this. Even if it was just some classical piano music. (hey, it worked in the 20's, right?)

Overall, I don't think it was terrible. Neat concept, but it did fall a bit shorter than it could have, considering the potential.

Squirrelman82 responds:

Thanks vannila-guerilla, I did this in a day, including character designs and so I felt pretty proud of myself, unfortunately until today I've had very little connection to other animators so even moving a symbol across the stage was making me feel pretty handy. I'm also crap at sound. I just discovered audacity, so hopefully that changes quickly.

Good premise, but you didn't need the character to ask if those were razorblades. We, as the viewer, can see it was razerblades in the bag. Instead of asking, he probably should have shouted they were razorblades. It would have worked better.

Decent animation and crystal clear sound. The voice acting was annoying and the joke was too easy to make and too short.

HarrisonWyrick responds:

yeh, i need to get better with the jokes, there are just to many plot holes and twists in this video

Probably one of the better Madness animations I've seen. It wasn't just a bunch of pointless fighting. There was real tension, here. It felt more like a story, which was great.

Spaderz responds:

lol really?, thanks man!

Really good. Very simple, and the music really fit well.

It's proof you don't need a deep story or lots of animation for something to be entertaining.

Dagon has some perky breasts.

Well animated and funny. I liked.

A small, but minor error: At times the parts of the words are off the screen when the man or monster are talking. Very minor, but I'm sure you can fix it.

Great stuff, though. The forest reminded me of some German Romanticism paintings.

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