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It's something we can all relate to. Would have been better if you watched for errors in your drawing, like the line from Link's neck going into his face, or the fact his sword was more like a dagger.

wafflepwn92 responds:

Yep sure is, this is my first flash so im new at it.
give it time.

I hate rap, and I hate people acting like drug use is cool(not people that do drugs). Still, I have to give credit where credit is due. You did blend this together well, and the background was drawn well. Would have been better if the character's lips moved with the lyrics, though.

djchrispy responds:

It was made cheaply. Only had $100 to work with for the budget. Made more as a token of friendship than anything else. Thanks for the input!

Pretty funny. Loops bug me, though. I wish you guys would come up with longer collabs instead of posting videos this short. It kind of hurts it.

PastryImplosion responds:

I totally agree. To be honest, I haven't figured out how to end it yet :I

Not sure why they just so happened to run into Fred while they were just walking around, or why he was there. I did dig the animation of the dog dying. Absolutely brilliant animation.

Brilliantly written, gorgeous scenery. Love the art and animation.

Good. Really good. A few(minor) things I didn't like was that the trees should have had a little more animation during the whistling scene at the beginning, and a slightly better mic could have been used. The sound sounded a bit off and distant.

It would have been better with a piano playing in the background and no voice whatsoever. Would have been a perfect 5 for the sake of art.

Nice. Really great animation. Dig it. Great voice acting as well. Too bad th is won't actually be made.

I am a Christian, but I'm judging this solely on its animation and entertainment quality, all of which are high. Sad ebolaworld doesn't make stuff of this quality anymore.

Impressive. I was put off by the inconsistencies in this, where the knight was injured, but the scars disappeared. The animation was done well, and the sound fit well. The action was great and I was thoroughly entertained.

You said it, really rough.

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