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Pretty trippy stuff, man.

ZabuJard responds:

that is probably true brother.

While not the most fluidly animated, it was a good parody of the US copyright law that was created (or, rather destroyed) in 1998 thanks to the Mickey Mouse Protection Act. It goes far beyond YouTube's broken copyright system, though.

Mickey Mouse is something I wish you would have brought up, but you didn't. Maybe because you didn't know. I'm not docking points for that, though. I won't judge this for what it isn't. I'm just feeding you some information for later, if you want to use it.

I'm not saying this to be a jerk, but speedpaints are pointless, boring, and really have no purpose being uploaded.

Greyheart3 responds:

It's just that Speedpaints are for fun, purely for that reason. People may find it helpful with their own art, I'm not gonna be all: Omfg!!!11!!111! THEY DON'T LIKE THIS THEY MUST BE H8TR N TROLL. But even if you are sharing your opinion, great! But sometimes they don't belong in some circumstances.

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Interesting. I like the character design. Great, haunting music that really fits the gameplay and draws you in.

Digiment responds:

Thanks! :-)


Probably one of the better games I have played. Sometimes simplicity is a bad thing, but it proved to be fairly entertaining here.

I applaud this

Most puzzles like this that are uploaded are just one puzzle which gives them extremely low replay value. This one gives us 15. That makes this the best puzzle I've seen uploaded yet. It also gives us the option to pick the number of pieces we want, something I have never seen before.

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Frickin' Sweet

Wow! Way better than I thought it would be! All it needed was a little bit more instraments. This deserves the stupid jokes I put to be skipped.

Not to bad

This had a nice sound. The guitar was not to bad. In fact, if this was put on a CD, it would go aluminum quickly.

rocker206 responds:

glad u liked it. And thanks for the review.

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Not bad.

Bobbybroccoli responds:

Not bad yourself, Bill Murray.

I was distracted

By that cute kitten in the corner there. It's adorable.

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