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Interesting. I like the character design. Great, haunting music that really fits the gameplay and draws you in.

Digiment responds:

Thanks! :-)


Probably one of the better games I have played. Sometimes simplicity is a bad thing, but it proved to be fairly entertaining here.

I applaud this

Most puzzles like this that are uploaded are just one puzzle which gives them extremely low replay value. This one gives us 15. That makes this the best puzzle I've seen uploaded yet. It also gives us the option to pick the number of pieces we want, something I have never seen before.

Decent game

It had unique graphics too. I loved that. It was the best part of the game. It wasn't completely original, but the biggest issue was the screen was too large for it's own good. I had to keep scrolling up and down to see the whole thing.

The sound was awful

The sound was awful. I say this because the way the music and Justin Bieber's voices overlapped didn't sound right and when you hit him in succession it sounds like he's echoing.

It may not be the greatest game ever uploaded

But it's definitely one of the most unique I have seen in a while. I loved it. Challenging, unique, original, and fun.


This game is just too fast and the screen seems to jump. It's rather annoying.

Not bad

Not that good either. It's the background that killed it for me. It would have been better if you had just used pictures of real forests instead. It would have made it more unique as well.

Fix it

I didn't know how to rate this fairly. It has great potential and I want to see it longer. It will make a great game. I had a problem though on the first part, I could't get past Satan. Jesus kept disappearing and eventually I got nailed(lol).

Is the driver of the care Chinese?

Just wondering.

JohnnySkul responds:

Lol that depends. Are YOU Chinese.
The drivers just stupid and made a wrong turn. he was trying to enter the high way but he entered through he exit.

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