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It was an endless runner. What can I say? It served its purpose, and though it doesn't stand out too much I do like it. Good on you, man.

Acuariano responds:

Thank you! I'm very glad you liked it. I know it has no real "goal". It's a very casual game. But I'm gonna fix that for my next game :)

Interesting. I like the character design. Great, haunting music that really fits the gameplay and draws you in.

Digiment responds:

Thanks! :-)


Is the driver of the care Chinese?

Just wondering.

JohnnySkul responds:

Lol that depends. Are YOU Chinese.
The drivers just stupid and made a wrong turn. he was trying to enter the high way but he entered through he exit.


The animals were cute anyways. My favorite was the cat reaching it's paw for the camera. I think it was the 5th pic.

KovioXZ responds:

thank you. that is my cat fluff, he is my favorite cat, he often lies in bed with me while i lay naked next to him, sometimes i like to rub my hard cock against his soft fur, and all he does is purr. i even did it so much once that pre-cum went all over his soft pelt, mmm


Horrible graphics and it could have used a better design for the mouse instead of a plain arrow. Also the game is extremely easy to cheat at. I beat it on extreme just by losing then hitting "Retry" and moving the mouse out of the way really fast out of the lines.

megamustache98 responds:

sorry i just got flash 3 days ago so im not that great at it


The greatest game ever made. It has monkeys in it is why.

areagle responds:

Thanks glad you liked it!


End of review.

Fix it and resubmit it. It's too full of glitches to be enjoyable, but it's obvious it will be a great game when the glitches are fixed.

cyprog responds:

what do you mean by full of glitches?

It took me five seconds to fall in love with this

Great graphics, the sprites were awesome. Loved the humor in it too, ripped straight from FFII I believe. Keep up the good work, going straight to my favs.

Pseudolonewolf responds:

You think the *humour* was ripped from Final Fantasy II? You mean the one where Firion, Maria, Guy and... wossname, Leonhart or something battle against the Empire?
That game had humour in it? o_O

I didn't rip anything from anywhere though, hard to believe as that may be these days!


This game sucked, simply put

fungus-shark408 responds:

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