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Fix it and resubmit it. It's too full of glitches to be enjoyable, but it's obvious it will be a great game when the glitches are fixed.

cyprog responds:

what do you mean by full of glitches?

A Tetris Clone thats below average

This wasn't horrible, and it's passable, however it needs a slow block fall when you press the down key instead of an instant one(similar to the actual game of Tetris).

The background layout I think was nice, and it had a nice design, but this games been done before and been done better.

It was ok

The game would have been better had there have been more of a point to collecting the things, like making it a mystery. I was kind of let down by it.

Removing Rihannas wig makes it

All worth it. Seriously.

She needs extensions and some hairspray.

Great game

Fun, easy to control, and had some of the most beautiful graphics I have seen in a flash game. My only problem with it was the screen was too large and I wasn't able to see all 4 pads at once.

Not good, not bad, but not good either.

It was decent at best, however it would have been better if it had a more random order and struck more than one drum at a time. It has potential to be a great time killer, but needs a bit of tweaking first.

Not too bad

Would have been better if there was competition, would have made the game more playable, maybe some unlockable slugs or something. Otherwise, nice animation and background and music even.

You're on the right track

But the game just starts when you click the play now button, you should make a loading screen and a start button so we can get a menu so we can read the controls. Maybe more unique levels, amd you should have used Stewis rivals and Lois instead of Peter. Maybe more of a Family Guy background too instead of a plain black screen, it'll add more excitement to it.

I don't know why..

But I love this game. Seriously, may not have the best art, but still really fun. Maybe not for everyone, but it was for me. It inspired me to make a flash game about squirells, and make a squirrel section on here...

Walls maybe?

Some kind of maze would have been great..well, ok, I didn't make it too far, got boring really fast. It should have at least started with some sort of short maze. Fantastic graphics, otherwise stail.

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