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Liked how unique it was..

The controls were great, but the game seemed to be way too repetative. Maybe some more unique levels would be nice, and over all I like the game, but seems like it would get old after a while.

It took me five seconds to fall in love with this

Great graphics, the sprites were awesome. Loved the humor in it too, ripped straight from FFII I believe. Keep up the good work, going straight to my favs.

Pseudolonewolf responds:

You think the *humour* was ripped from Final Fantasy II? You mean the one where Firion, Maria, Guy and... wossname, Leonhart or something battle against the Empire?
That game had humour in it? o_O

I didn't rip anything from anywhere though, hard to believe as that may be these days!

A few kinks to be worked out......

Like the idea, but the controls were faulty, not to mention at times the buttons were to far apart with such a short period of time to press them(i.e. I had to go from "a" to "b' with too little time to get to it). I thought the sound was annoying too, but I liked the idea. Iron out the wrinkles and you have something good on your hands.

Too simple

Could have been better had it been more complicated, but, otherwise still good enough to pass a few minutes by.


Good game. A little repetative after a while, but I love the oldschool hiphop beet.


This game was awesome. It is so simple, yet, it is great at the same time. Going to my favs.

nothing special

An o.k. game. Probably would have been better as a mini-game in some RPG or something.

Could have been better

The game was great, but the screen should have been larger, and probably would have been better if it looked more like the old-school sonic games.

pretty good

Well done, but too short, plus a password option to save your place would be nice


This game sucked, simply put

fungus-shark408 responds:

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