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Is the driver of the care Chinese?

Just wondering.

JohnnySkul responds:

Lol that depends. Are YOU Chinese.
The drivers just stupid and made a wrong turn. he was trying to enter the high way but he entered through he exit.


The animals were cute anyways. My favorite was the cat reaching it's paw for the camera. I think it was the 5th pic.

KovioXZ responds:

thank you. that is my cat fluff, he is my favorite cat, he often lies in bed with me while i lay naked next to him, sometimes i like to rub my hard cock against his soft fur, and all he does is purr. i even did it so much once that pre-cum went all over his soft pelt, mmm

What the hell?

Vin Diesel isn't a celebrity!

Oh well. Above average game. I wouldn't be surprised to see this in the assassins category.


It did feel like a pocket game. The only problem I had was not knowing the point of it.

Giant advertisement

The game was short, it was impossible to lose, but the graphics were good. The advertisement at the end, and really throughout the game, only bothered me because there was little game play to it.

At the end

My puppy looked like a kitten.

It didn't have enough features to be good. It was too short and lacked designs.


It wasn't bad, but, it wasn't the greatest. It was challenging. I think the name turned a lot of people off of it though.

Who on the [kk] has a girlfriend?

You guys must have a lot of time on your hands to constantly spam the flash portal like this.


I like the animation and music, and the game itself should be fun. I've found it a couple of times not tossing the watermelon though and if it gets stuck that way it won't go away. Also, a couple of times(when the first glitch happened) I went to start a new game and it just layered people on top of the other people and dropped another watermelon that wouldn't throw at all.

You realize

1) the Normans were a group of Vikings that settled in France
2) The "Vikings" in the game should be called "Norse" because Herald Hardrada was king of Norway

It was a good game, but the historical inaccuracies bugged me for some reason.

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