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Not a bad game

This definitely needs worked on though. The sound is great and matches the game perfectly, but the shooting speed is way too slow to the point of annoying. Also the pixels on the space ship are stretched and don't look very appealing.

Fun but

Sometimes it's too easy, and others it's hard because it seems like your teammates have no brains and won't move forward.

It's ok, but gets annoying sometimes.

You know what?

I used to have a game on NES when I was a kid where you could use the mouse to click a blank dinosaur and it would color it. It was some kind of coloring book game, but I can't remember the name. This kind of reminds me of it.

I have 2 problems with this game, though it's not bad:

1) While the typical Newgrounder is 8-13, most that visit here don't come looking for this type of game

2) Not enough pictures. Being stuck on one makes it kind of pointless after a while.

I'm not knocking the game, but no means, but it doesn't seem like it belongs on Newgrounds.


Horrible graphics and it could have used a better design for the mouse instead of a plain arrow. Also the game is extremely easy to cheat at. I beat it on extreme just by losing then hitting "Retry" and moving the mouse out of the way really fast out of the lines.

megamustache98 responds:

sorry i just got flash 3 days ago so im not that great at it


Should have had alternate characters though. For example popping Luigi in would have been nice. Can't wait for Mario Crossover 2. Will it be Mario and the Lost Levels(as it's known in the US) or Mario Bros 2?

What can I say?

It's just tic tac toe. It is passable though. Could have been a bit more cutting edge.

Pretty pointless

To say the least

This could have been better

It needed a timer to give the game some sort of objective, and also the fact that if you click nothing it takes away your points just like clicking the orange face does. It makes the orange face pointless.

Any game with monkeys

Gets a vote of 5 from me. Always.


The greatest game ever made. It has monkeys in it is why.

areagle responds:

Thanks glad you liked it!

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