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A blog within a blog

2015-11-20 19:51:48 by vannila-guerilla

And here it is.


I made a Facebook Page

2015-09-27 02:52:51 by vannila-guerilla

So go give it a "like" will ya'?

It was one of those games. 



The Slow Mustache

2015-09-17 15:55:02 by vannila-guerilla

In this episode I take on The Slow Mustache, an indie platformer.







In which out hero (me) takes on Wario again.



So, I'm not the best let's player. I'm okay. I'm a fresh face, kind of. 



Gotta Nielsen TV Diary

2015-05-14 21:12:24 by vannila-guerilla

A TV viewing diary is something Nielsen mails out to people along with $5 in hopes they'll fill it on. 

I'm not a big TV watcher, but it has me tempted to watch more TV. I'm tempted to draw dicks all over it and mail it back. 

Vote 5 Day

2015-05-11 14:28:04 by vannila-guerilla

I'm officially declaring May 19th Vote 5 Day.

On that day every video you watch and every game you play, no matter how terrible, gets a 5 vote.