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Trump's Lawsuits and Political Correctness

Posted by vannila-guerilla - October 13th, 2016


Okay, so hear me out here. I know  alot of people who support Trump do so because they believe he will end political correctness (but only the left wing version, because the right wing version is okay, I guess) which they see as destroying free speech. They say that people on the left are too sensitive, and that's a sign of weakness.

So, let's talk about thin skinned Trump for a bit. Let's figure out how he will fix political correctness (again, only the left wing version, because it's "Merry Christmas" not "Happy Holidays" goddamn it!). First of all, he fucking won't because that's not a presidential power. Second, if you think Trump is going to stick it to the Tumblrinas and save free speech you're fucking stupid. If you think Trump is some brave person who can take any mean thing said about him without getting his feelings hurt, you're delusional.

Now, look, when Trump gets his feelings hurt he lashes out in a big way no normal person could, by either suing or threatening to sue anyone that hurts his feelings, which has has done a lot. Trump has been involved in 3500 lawsuits in his life, some of which he started over getting his feelings hurt by someone else. For example, a few years ago Donald Trump sued Tim O'Brien because O'Brien accused him of only being a millionaire. Luckily, Trump lost that one. Then, Trump threatened to sue Lawrence O'Donnell, who hurt Trump's feelings by saying the same thing.

We also can't forget the time Trump got his feelings hurt by Bill Maher, who accused Trump of being the child of an orangutan and a human woman. Sean Hannity rubbed Trump's back and made him feel better by allowing him to sit in his little safe space on his show and talk about it. Trump had his lawyers write Bill Maher a letter trying to shake him for $5 million or Trump would sue. Trump also sent Maher a copy of his birth certificate to prove he wasn't actually an orangutan. Yes, that all happened and here's a 10 minute video showing clips of the whole ordeal. There was also that time in 1984 where Trump tried to sue a Chicago architecture critic who claimed Trump wasn't going to build a hotel taller than the (then named) Sears Tower. Yes, that actually happened.

Now, look, I can keep posting Trump's litigation suits he filed or threatened to file against people that hurt his feelings, but there would be a lot to type and I know it's hard keeping people's attentions. There's a lot out there to read. I'm honestly not cutting this short because that's all there is. He's also sued or threatened to sue an ex-Miss Teen USA contestent, conservative organization Club for Growth, Mac Miller, and a labor union he felt was going to damage the reputation of his hotel in Las Vegas, among other things. There's a lot out there. On top of that, Trump is claiming he wants to open up libel suits to make them easier. So, if you want to vote for Trump don't play the "freedom of speech" thing because you're offended by safe spaces and people being offended by things you aren't offended by. That's not how that works. Trump is against free speech, and would only make things worse. 

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Ah, finally someone sees Trump for what he really is: a bag of crushed assholes.

I love that description.

There's one in particular that never fails to take the cake, behold : http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/2015/10/graydon-carter-donald-trump and the actual tagline in print here http://www.vox.com/2016/3/2/11148356/donald-trump-short-fingers-small-hands-vulgarian .

Do not attempt to adjust your screen, it really says since 1988, i dare anyone to keep a straight face having this in the back of their head whenever he talks tough :3

For all intents and purposes he'd fit right in with the tumblr crowd, heck if he were a young man today he'd probably be up front carrying the banner.

The weird part is him writing using a gold Sharpie. I don't get that one.