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My Right Wing Safe Space

Posted by vannila-guerilla - September 21st, 2016

"I'm so sick of these little Tumblrinas who act like they have to think differently than me. They're just "special snowflakes" I guess. You can't make fun of anyone for being fat, gay, or trans anymore, so I'm going to keep people like that out of my life. I'm going to create this little bubble where special snowflakes aren't allowed. A place where I can talk about my guns, the Confederacy, or my religion without people making fun of it or criticizing them. I'm so tired of people that can't take criticism, so I'm getting away from the people that criticize the things I like.

"Thankfully I have my right wing safe space. So, when I get on Facebook and see a friend posting something that seems even remotely feminist I can attack and humiliate them into not thinking differently than me. When someone makes fun of guns I'll block them and delete them from Facebook, because I am about free speech and they're not. That's why I'll call anyone who disagrees with me a "sheep" and automatically dismiss them as being "liberal", whether they are or not. They have different opinions, though, so who cares? I don't need to listen to them. Not in my safe space. Only right wing conservatives are allowed here.

"Thankfully I now have people like Donald Trump and Milo Yiannopoulos to help me. To support me. To make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. To help me surround myself only with people that agree with me. Now I'll be certain that one day we'll start calling abortion "murder", taxation "theft", and when Starbucks doesn't put Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer on a coffee cup during the holiday seasons I can throw a hissy fit in peace and demand they say "Merry Christmas", because it's not political correctness when we do it. When we do it it's called "patriotism," damn it. Get it right! Don't make me feel triggered! I mean uh..patriotic! Get it right! When I see science I don't like, like global climate change and evolution, I can demand they don't get taught because I see them as being too "liberal." I don't care about facts. It's too politically correct to allow facts to be taught. It isn't PC to have religion taught instead. Christians need a place they can feel safe at, even in school! They don't need to hear things they disagree with, even if it's true!"

In all seriousness, I'm honestly kind of tired of that attitude. Actually, beyond tired. I'm not suggesting the left is any better, but when I see this widespread hypocrisy coming from the right and few to no people calling it out there's a problem. I don't see people as freedom fighters for freedom of speech when all they're doing is the same, only on the other side, and just trying to dominate the conversation while masking it as a fight for freedom.

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Wow, I really needed to see this post. While the right is indeed riddled with all you have above, it is indeed a problem that the left is too intolerant of intolerance.

I am trying to honestly figure out which side is worse. I can't tell. both do this in order to act like they're some kind of moral superiors to everyone else. Both pretend they're fighting for people's rights when, for the most part they aren't. I want to say one is worse, then give a reason, but then I realize I could just apply that to the other side. It's a tough call.