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The Right is No Different

Posted by vannila-guerilla - September 19th, 2016

It seems like everyone has been jumping on this anti-SJW bandwagon the last few years. While I can't deny that political correctness is doing more harm than good, it isn't like the right wing is clear of any wrong doing here. Yeah, it's fun to pretend that Trump is some anti-SJW hero that will pull America out of the current politically correct climate it's in (even though that's not one of the presidential powers, go figure). In reality it's all the same bullshit, just on the other side. 

Now, think about this: Why is it when someone on the left, an SJW if you will (I'm not using the term "politically correct" again for a while for a reason), wants to create a place where people aren't allowed to say things deemed racist, sexist, etc. or they keep a certain person from speaking at a university it's considered an attack on free speech and proof we can't have dialogue anymore. However, when someone on the right doxxes said SJW's, hacks them, harrasses them, or has their followers attack someone en masse (looking at you here, Milo Yiannopoulos) just because the person they are attacking says something or thinks a way they don't like that's not considered an attack on free speech or a form of political correctness, despite it being both. Yes, conservative correctness is a thing. It is a form of political correctness. 

Seeing this makes me question the sincerity of some of these people who claim to be defenders of free speech when they turn a blind eye when someone like Leslie Jones gets her website and Twitter hacked because of their Twitter feud with pseudo-hero Milo Yiannopolous, but got mad when Milo had his Twitter account suspended for the same reason. Before that Milo had his followers attack her en masse just to shut her up. You can call all of this an "eye for an eye", but really it's hypocrisy. 

Here's my point: If you claim to be about free speech and claim you want dialogue, or want conversations about things like feminism, racism, etc., then don't try silencing people who disagree with you. Yes, a lot of said people are really stupid and overly aggressive. However, I know for a fact there are people out there actually willing to discuss these things with you. I can't count the times I've seen people create groups or whatever where they say "SJWs aren't allowed" or "liberals aren't allowed." You know what you call a thing where you only surround yourself with people that agree with you? A safe space. Exactly what a lot of people on the right claim to be against. Kind of hard to take that seriously. Meanwhile, I'd actually like dialogue and conversation, not bullshit mudslinging.

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Yeah it's odd, by the late 1980's most of the kids in my high school were pretty much tolerant across the board (unless a tranny/trap) had managed to pull one of us guys... anyway. After that, our attention turned towards current events again. It seems like all of 'this' is merely to avert our attention away from what our elected officials 'should' be doing, acting instead of reacting, and not playing the public against their competition/paid interests/party.

For every bad thing that hits the news, there's a politically funded group ready to take their fight to the public stage, and no one likes that better than the biggest players on the planet, who, let's face it, would like fewer, more compliant humans. You can't legislate morality or personalities, so what's all this imposed self-reflection, all about? What's it warming us up for....

Well, as i tried and failed to poke fun at in your last post i'll give a ground up summary a go, seeing as i find myself agreeing with you yet again.

Personaly i just cannot escape the impression that both the alt right and the new progressives suffer/subscribe to this form of diet tinfoil hat i.e the willingness to buy into some borderline magical thinking and conspiracy theorising is there but it's all not quite full flavour, classic cloud cuckoo land grade tinfoil yet. ( emphasis on yet, however amusing i might find suggesting it's close or the logical conclusion as is )

Whatever babies are there to be thrown out along with the bathwater, and i'm positive both camps must have some valid arguments to bring the table, they get chucked out the window a lot on account of what you mention concerning the means and methods that are apparently in vogue to dish out. Which indeed ironicaly goes against what both groups are vocal about claiming in regards to the free speech aspect.

Also i strongly agree that the way to advance any social agenda whatsoever has to come through dialogue but apparently that's one of the aforementioned babies frequently taking flying lessons at present.

It's the internet. You can't tell when someone's being sincere or joking. I hate the term "Poe" but it's hard to tell when someone is being one or not, so my apology.