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FNaF World: Worst Game in a while

Posted by vannila-guerilla - January 22nd, 2016

I uploaded 2 videos quickly. FNAF World is complete garbage and I go in depth explaining why halfway through the video.


Comments (2)

i agree with you 100%.

i honestly dont know WHY people like FNAF.
its a screamer/horror game without any good story, without any action, and without any memorable or worthy parts.

this game (FNAF) sucks, and i hate all the 3388389999 tributes of it, that are posted in here.
FNAF sucks, and its an overrated game.

thank you

This game, oh fucking lord, this game. It's one of the worst damned games I've ever played. Unfortunately a mixture of the fandom and people thinking, "OMG, so cuet. <3" in regards to the characters. I have never seen such little effort put into a full released game like this before.

It isn't glitchy, or broken in the traditional sense, but there's nothing to it. If you saw any of my play throughs, or anyone's for that matter, you would see an uninspired, unfinished, unpolished mess of a game that has no life or character to it at all. I mean, this is supposed to be an RPG, but instead of adding anything to this imaginary world you just walk around and barely get any kind of dialogue or story progression. There's no personality to any of the characters, either. They just kind of show up and they start having seizures and then you beat them and they're on your team. That's it.

I went in there with hopes because I thought that maybe, just maybe, this game would be good in RPG format. Nope. There's practically nothing to it.


the FNAF game is horrible.

its nice to meet people with common sense.
you are good, mr van guerilla!

PS: they tried to make it as an RPG game?
i always thought that this was a horror game, just like resident evil/slenderman, and not an RPG game.

also, it has minor character development(if at all), a horrible storyline/scenario, and a lousy concept.