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Let's Play Strangers

Posted by vannila-guerilla - December 24th, 2015

I paid money for this game on Steam. It's since been taken off, but I made a let's play. It's the worst thing I've ever bought off of Steam. Ever.



Comments (6)

The worst game steam has is "Grass simulator".

Oh, man, that sounds awful. I should say this is the worst I have played that I purchased from Steam. I suppose there are probably worse.

I actually couldn't finish Strangers, though, because euther the ending wasn't programmed in or I triggered a glitch. Either way, something fucked up.

Another horrible one is "Air Control".
The main question is..how the hell do these things make it to steam?

This was worse than Air Control in my opinion. It's just as broken and uglu and glitchy, but those outlets, man. And the fact this game may not be able to be finished.

There's much worse games that are making it to steam nowadays.

That's one of the downsides to Steam Greenlight. It's great that indie devs are getting a better chance in the game market, but it's also created a torrential flood of unpolished, unfinished, and unplayable games that are marketed to the community in the most misleading way possible.

Maybe people shouldn't give them a good vote.

Yeah, sure looks like the pitch was better than the swing in this case! How was the rest of the gameplay?

I couldn't finish it. I'm not kidding. It just stopped. It was some sort of glitch. I'm not sure.

How much was the game? Be great if you could get your money back, or find a fix for it.

I don't remember how much I paid. It may have been about $5 or so, but still, a game this broken shouldn't have been on there at all. Unfortunately I don't think Steam does refunds.