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Fucking exams!

2014-10-01 22:39:08 by vannila-guerilla

I hate midterms. That's all. Damn northern mythology professor gave us a study guide and most of the terms weren't even on the test, and most of the test wasn't even the terms she gave us.


Damned professors.


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2014-11-09 08:21:45

College sucks

vannila-guerilla responds:

Yes, it really does. It's like a full time job you have to pay for, but don't get any of the credit for being such a hard worker.

Yeah, it can pay off and get you into a better college, but in the long run, if you snag a job, your grades in college don't mean as much if you apply yourself in the real world.

I get it, I'm oversimplifying that, but my point stands.


2015-03-15 19:42:37


vannila-guerilla responds:

No. Fak u!