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You trade games at gamestop? For real? Man they're cheap af. You could sell it for a bit more online (especially if someone is a retro game hunter).

The town I'm in is small as hell, so that's not much of an option. The prices I got were fine, though.

However, since posting this I found out they're only giving $30 for Rescue Rangers 2 and $28 for Earthbound. They sell both for $200. That is cheap.

So you traded the games in for store credit and walked out with a T-shirt? Sounds ok, all that stuff's on emulators with various degrees of functionality. Last game I tried to sell 'em was GTA:SA for the PS2, and they wouldn't take it due to the HotCoffee thing, which only applied to PC. Shoulda hung onto Killzone, loved that game, didn't like K2...

Digital stuff's fleeting, I collect vinyl, art and comic books, no sense in hanging onto stuff you're not going to want to play again... and there's so many hungry programmers these days, more than I would've imagined 20-30 years ago.

I walked out with a t-shirt and World of Final Fantasy (which launched the same day).

@VicariousE, nope, the HotCoffee was on the PS2 version too. You needed a cheat device to activate it tho

..which involved cracking the console open, and/or substantial nerd powers if I recall Guess the legal beagles figured even inaccessible code could be a liability. When it came to my 2nd edition version of GTA: SA for the PC, Gamesnot wouldn't accept it in trade, even though the offending code was not there at all... and at the time, they did buy top shelf PC games back. @s3c I ended up going to another shop, where I was rooked quite badly on a trade-in...

Early 90's were very sweet to gamer's trade-ins, sometimes 80% of the original cost could be recouped, and rare instances of making a profit. There was at least 2 outfits that polled and reported supply/demand/resale data on a weekly (or bimonthly) basis, usually sent on one or 2 double backed, legal letter sized, color coded sheets. In retrospunkulum, seems an interesting wrinkle in free-enterprise

nope, just pop in the cheat device (which is just a disc that can overwrite the games RAM) in, enter the code, and start the game. No substantial nerd powers or hardware modifications needed.

"$30 for Rescue Rangers 2 and $28 for Earthbound. They sell both for $200. That is cheap."
Gamestop on the stock exchange? With pricing like that, they should be :(

Sure hope you vote for the orange guy Tuesday, the bankers and globalists hate him y'know.

If the bankers hate him it's because he owes them money. Otherwise, he is a globalist.

I already early voted. So, not voting tomorrow.

Yeah, bankers, students and vendors alike felt the burn lol